About Nabaq:

Nabaq Co., Ltd. is the leading Sudanese national company specializing in producing and marketing natural Sudanese agricultural products such as Gum Arabic, Guar Gums, Sesame, Ground nuts and Watermelon seeds throughout the world. The production is done throughout supply chain and value chain approaches and practicing fair trade mechanism within the local communities.<br /> Nabaq is introduced restrict quality control methods throughout the supply chain include pre and post-harvest methods. All specifications as well as MSDSs are available for different grades and products.<br />

Our Mission:

The mission is to be a developer of organic products to be distributed in wide marketing worldwide. Concerning for the environment and the fight against poverty through the stability of the rural population and increase their incomes through fair trade mechanisms, value chain and new concepts such as the one village by developing such products.

Our vision:

The vision of the company is to be the first company in exporting and marketing organic Sudanese crops chemical-free, high quality value products with minimal impurities.